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Wedding Rituals

Contemporary Japanese weddings are celebrated in a number of ways, and when it comes to wedding celebrations, western influence is seen in many young Japanese couple's choices. Certain western customs, such as the exchange of rings, wedding cakes, and especially honeymoons, have become commonplace in contemporary Japanese weddings -- but this culture has strong wedding traditions of its own.

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Bengali Weddings
The geographical location of Bengal and the presence of the Ganges are reflected in many ceremonies, which combine regional traditions and customs from Vedic scriptures.
Brazilian Weddings
One of the most notable practices of this South American country is its Carnival -- in other words, its festive spirit. For every wedding, a party is necessary -- and a great one is to be expected every time. The Brazilian way is to entertain your guests as if it is Carnival all over again.

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Chinese Weddings
Almost all of the information that records the essential elements of a traditional wedding ceremony is generally credited to scholars of the Warring States period.

Dutch Weddings
Some wedding traditions that originated in the Netherlands have faded into obscurity -- with time and changing mores -- while others, such as the bridal shower, have spread far and wide and are still alive today.

Filipino Weddings
Wedding traditions, from the courtship to the reception, are drawn from local customs, from the influence of the Spanish occupation, and from Roman Catholicism.

Hindu Weddings
Wedding ceremonies are based on Vedic traditions and rituals originating in the Rig Veda, the earliest of the Sanskrit books of knowledge that form the basis of Hinduism.

Italian Weddings
Traditionally, marriages were arranged by both families, and diamond engagement rings were given in the belief that those gems were created by the flames of love.

Jain Weddings
Despite the belief that there should be no waste of money or time, marriage is seen as a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that has to be celebrated properly and grandly.

Jewish Weddings
In preparing for the wedding, the chatan (Hebrew for groom,) and kallah (bride,) should not only pay attention to the material and temporal aspects of married life, but should also focus on ensuring their religious, spiritual and moral readiness for the future.

Pakistani Weddings
The Mangni, or engagement, marks the first step towards planning a wedding. This is usually a very small ceremony with close family in attendance to see the couple formally engaged.

Punjabi Weddings
No thought should be given to the prospective bride and groom’s caste, race or lineage. As long as they both profess the Sikh faith, they may be joined in wedlock.
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Tamil Weddings
There is an emphasis on simple living, but even though typical weddings are not extravagant affairs, they are usually well attended by close as well as distant relatives.

Indian Wedding Cards

Indian Wedding Cards
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